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  • A large number of networked solar thermal power plants in the Middle East and North Africa could produce sufficient renewable power to meet around 15% of Europe’s electricity needs and large parts of the power needs of the producer countries.
  • The World Bank will invest $5.5 billion for North African solar power projects. They have announced that initially World Bank will put in $750 million dollars from the Clean Technology Fund with the remaining amount will be arranged from other sources. World Bank is expecting to complete these projects by 2015.
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  PEPCCO International is a leading independent provider of services to the North Africa power generation industry.  
Using our expertise in both operating power plants and overhauling and maintaining rotating equipment, we deliver O&M strategies to enhance the operational  performance and system reliability of your power generation assets. Our skilled  operations and engineering teams provide turbine maintenance solutions to minimise downtime, increase availability and reduce the overall operating costs of your facility. 
International services 
  • Engineering, procurement & construction (EPC) 
  • Operations & maintenance 
  • Field service 
  • Repair & overhaul 
  • Parts supply