• Congratulation
  •  A large number of networked solar thermal power plants in the Middle East and North Africa could produce sufficient renewable power to meet around 15% of Europe’s electricity needs and large parts of the power needs of the producer countries.
  • The World Bank will invest $5.5 billion for North African solar power projects. They have announced that initially World Bank will put in $750 million dollars from the Clean Technology Fund with the remaining amount will be arranged from other sources. World Bank is expecting to complete these projects by 2015.
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 PEPCCO International is committed for achieving health, safety and environmental excellence in all of its business practices and operations. This commitment is built on the foundation of the HSE Code of Business Conduct and its guiding principles. 
We comply with all applicable laws and codes of practice and will strive whenever possible to go beyond compliance. We will ensure that our suppliers and contractors do the same. 

Using a systematic approach to managing HSE, in the same way as any other critical business activity, our goal will be to improve our HSE performance continuously and recognize these principles as a core value. It is the responsibility of every PEPCCO’s employee, and our suppliers, to reflect our commitment to this goal in our day to day business operation. 
We are making HSE issues an integral part of all of our business activities. We must keep in mind the potential long-range impact of our work towards creating an atmosphere of sustainable development. Together, we will work to crate an environment for an incident-free and good workplace for all of our employees, customers and suppliers. The active participation of everyone in embracing this commitment is critical to the success of our work.